Innovative Amazon Ranking Insights

The first-ever tool to track product ASIN search rank for each U.S. state.

See your own data in less than a minute.

Use georank for beginner and advanced sellers

Diagnostic Metric

Evaluate rank fluctuations


Don't go crazy when rank drops

Have extra knowledge what is happening with your brand

New Rank Strategies

Ranking is incremental (one U.S. state at a time)


Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Use external marketing for certain regions (you have more inventory, weaker rank for competitor, etc.)
amazon rank changes regionally



  • Now you can see more than just the total aggregate rank. Have deeper insight about your brand and your competitors.


  • Shipping speed and inventory stock level affects rank.
  • Geo-rank is ALSO affected by local factors and audience fit (behavior, interest). 


  • Leverage new data to run state-targeted external marketing to get incremental sales.
  • Ranking from one state can spillover into nearby states to bolster your aggregate rank.


Pay per credit. Cancel anytime.

Annual (30% OFF!)


$ 25 Per Month
  • 20 credits
  • Unlimited ASINs
  • Mobile vs Desktop
  • NEW: keyword volatility


$ 100 Per Month
  • 100 credits
  • Unlimited ASINs
  • Mobile vs Desktop
  • NEW: keyword volatility
  • Beta: 1st access features

What does 1 credit include?

– 1 credit = 1 georank instant analysis per keyword.

– Each search analyzes the keyword or phrase rank once for one ASIN for 50 U.S. states. 

– All paid plans include daily usage of any analytics.

– NEW: Geo-Inventory. See map of your product stock in individual Amazon fulfillment centers.

– NEWER: Mobile vs. Desktop rank tracker and regional Prime badge checker.

– NEWEST: Amazon PPC Georank – Sponsored rank for each U.S. state. Inform your bidding/budget strategy for regional reach and variability.

NEW [December 2019]: Geo-Inventory

NEW [January 2020]: Mobile vs Desktop

NEW [Throughout 2020]:

– Keyword volatility

– Ranking fluctuations

– Shipping delivery date per state

– Regional Prime badge

Since we just launched, please share feedback inside the tool which metrics you’re loving or not. Check out the praise and discussions in our FB community, ideas to leverage the tool, and our innovative feature roadmap.

“This is groundbreaking!” – Amazon industry leader