Affiliate info - Most other programs offer 10-25% - Our commission is up to 45% and bonuses!​

  • 25% monthly commission, lifetime recurring as long as customers are active.
  • Extra 10% commission if YOUR sub-affiliate refers a customer (that's 35% total for you, 25% for them).
  • Includes any current or future upsells (our mastermind and trainings too).
  • 30 day cookie!

BONUS - Top affiliates get "super affiliate" status with additional 5% commission at 10 signups and extra 5% at 20 signups (that's up to 45% earnings across our program!).

SUPER BONUS - You get paid for each Free Account and Affiliate sign ups even without paid plans (no spam please, we'll easily detect inactive emails and delete affiliates). We might remove this Super Bonus for future affiliates soon after software launch in-case we can't handle too many users.

Program details - Unique options​

  • Tracking works in any scenario of your preference using a link tag, coupon code (ask us), special page for you, or automatically if coming from your website.
  • If Yev is able to do an interview for your audience, you may still use affiliate program.
  • Every affiliate automatically gets $10 cash. Minimum Paypal (or our software subscription store credit) payout at $50.
  • Bonuses $20-$1,000 for achievements and even if your sub-affiliates grow!
  • Offer 10%-20%-30% OFF coupon code to your audience. You decide the amount as long as your commission (25%-15%-5%) + discount adds up to 35% total. Sub-affiliate and super affiliate can have bigger discounts.

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