Advanced Facebook Ads Videos

Enjoy these free videos which have tons of paid knowledge.

Whether I’m attending Tim Burd’s advanced FB ads mastermind in Thailand, getting featured in Ezra Firestone’s FB group as a case study, or receiving a shoutout on stage from Roland Frasier at Traffic & Conversion Summit, I’m always learning and sharing the most advanced Facebook ad strategies for long-term sustainable growth and tactics for quick amplification.

Most of these videos focus on frameworks and processes. The approaches do not depend on changes by Facebook or Amazon, they avoid being wiped out as many tactics come and go. These principles help you understand statistics and algorithms, testing methods, and customer journey funnels. Off course throughout I sprinkle in actionable tools and hacks that may propel your marketing forward.


Yev Marusenko, Ph.D. 

External marketing and Amazon funnel strategies

Here are relatively recent presentations I’ve done on podcasts and with other Amazon or ecommerce experts.

  • Brand Builder Podcast (Max Kerwick, Ryan Daniel Moran) – FB ads testing vs. branding.
  • SellerSessions (Danny McMillan) – Free roundtable call with 5 Amazon ranking specialists.
  • Elite Seller Summit –  See the talks from 21 elite Amazon experts.
  • EcomHub Summit, Vancouver, 2019 – In-person event. Lots of gold in this one but it’s paid access to see the replays. 


Leveraging FB ads for Amazon sellers

Amazon Attribution x Zontracker

Amazon funnel ideas (plus Zontracker examples)


FB ads scaling

Ad strategy and setup: Rapid ad testing and multiplying the best

Processes and order to optimize, manual bid, and scale FB ads.