Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which marketplaces and states work? U.S. only.
  • Do you need any type of account access or Amazon MWS permissions? No.
  • Is this Amazon T.O.S. compliant? Yes. We are just checking search ranking similar to any other rank tracker, plus our advanced geo-based methods.
  • Why is it more expensive than normal keyword rank trackers? Because we are processing at least 50x more data (and at time of software launch nobody else is offering this feature yet).
  • What happens to credits/keywords after each billing period if not used? Unused keywords expire.
  • Do you offer refunds? 100% happiness guarantee otherwise we will refund 100% of unused keywords on prorated monthly plans. Easy cancel anytime.

  • Some U.S. states have missing data: Since we just launched, we are still gathering data to improve searches. Come back next day/week to see if we implemented a new search algorithm for example to combine child ASIN variants.
  • Login issues: After registering, you will instantly receive 2 emails, 1) welcome email and 2) password. The password is required to re-access the app but you can always reset password at
  • Search issues: Access the tool at and your first login you will see a demo search. Click the app home (or Local Search, Change Keyword) to enter a new keyword search, after the keyword search specify which ASIN to check.
  • I see zero data: That’s not normal. Please refresh or click around to make sure you are searching correctly. If it’s still not working later in the day, please let us know at


  • Is it compatible with other software/strategies? Yes. It’s just a unique search rank tracker and doesn’t overlap with 99% of features from most other related software. You should still continue using Helium10, Viral Launch, RiverCleaner, etc. or any other rank track tool you use.
  • Why has nobody else came up with this feature before? We don’t know but this is not the first time we have come up with innovative solutions. This feature is connected with many advanced marketing strategies and external marketing so maybe most other Amazon related software have not thought about Facebook ads and off-Amazon marketing as much as we have.
  • Do you have detailed training or services to leverage the tool? Not really. We’re known for Facebook ads for Amazon via Zontracker. Check the footer for our paid mastermind focused only on external marketing for Amazon and the free FB group for any topics for Amazon sellers.
  • How accurate is it? 100%. Any variability is due to live factors (inventory changes, actual rank changes) and constant Amazon website A/B testing.
  • Are there any other features? Yes. There’s a secret feature you’ll only find out inside the paid plans.