Georank is cool but what can you do with the data?

This question is common. It’s the most important question.

Now that geo-rank tracking is possible to track simply, you don’t have to waste time with various complex workaround like asking team members in different states to check ranking in incognito browsers or using VPN/VPS servers to constantly check one different region at a time… and then repeat all of that again for each keyword, ASIN, and each new day. Each of those tasks is now done with one click.

Since the tool is new, it will take some time before we gather enough data to identify exactly what is working and exactly to what degree. Even if something is not working effectively, Amazon could change the algorithm or roll our features in the near future pretty much any day that any of these georank strategies could be more effective. For now, revel in the data. Test with your own brand. As we have more aggregate data across many accounts, we’ll release best-practices what you can do. Also check out our Roadmap features to have a sneak peak how some of the strategies below could be amplified with our near future features. 

There was an excellent discussion in Tom Wang and David Zaleski’s FB Group Ecomhub (here). I’m stealing my own comment from the thread and points from others to re-post it all below. Please comment in the FB group if there are other ideas or updates I should make below. Thanks! – Yev Marusenko, Ph.D.


– Send in more inventory to fill-in the “temporary stockouts” and to sneak sales away from top competitors with regional inventory drops

– Compare your trailing-7 data (or any moving average for inventory turnover for each day) to see daily stockouts at warehouse level, not just Amazon account level. This shows your potential lost revenue. This does not show additional potential revenue you can sneak from competitors slightly ranked higher than you when they have stockouts.

– We can’t control where inventory goes from distribution center to fulfillment center, but if we brainstorm about this I’ve heard ideas that maybe we can…especially if you notice big differences west coast vs east coast, for example you can search for “Iphone case” and check Otterbox, you would expect they have tons of inventory everywhere but they are actually ranked #1 in most but ranked #2-10 in a handful of other states. Amazon wouldn’t want to spend their own extra shipping resources/dollars to send your inventory across the coast when they can just replace your rank spot with a comparable brand/product.

– Look at this report to see where your inventory is at and how much. Seller Central -> Reports -> Inventory -> Fulfillment -> Daily Inventory History

– Look at this report to see which fulfillment center your product is being shipped out from when being sold, look under the column fulfillment-center-id. Seller Central -> Reports -> Sales -> Amazon Fulfilled Shipments.



– Optimize your listing to be more conscious of regional differences to put words relevant for psychology and behavior of your ideal customer. For example, include a clear descriptor or put adjectives into bullet-point/image that calls out a feature/benefit that is differentiator specific to the different type of buyer. Think about the main differences across states/regions and if your volume of sales in one warrants for you to speak to that audience more than using generalist content for everybody.


– Put in names of U.S. states in Amazon Sponsored Brands ads or other placements where possible to influence regional algorithm. For example, have 50 different ad groups each one with different U.S. state in the keyword or actual copy. You will qualify the audience, there will be some wasted budget but the ideas is that the algorithm will adjust showing the right ad to the right region more often than the average. This might even be a better approach than trying to sell boat supplies in states without the ocean nearby or lacking in lakes, but that’s what happens normally for us anyway when we give money for Amazon PPC to spread the budget nationwide.

– Play around with Bid Plus and other PPC options that likely indirectly go after broader regions giving you a chance to find more bid spots that gives you highest edge during biggest local inventory differences (temporary stockouts for competitors). Need the Amazon PPC experts to chime in here.

– Amazon DSP ads to regions. You can already target different locations. This one is on-Amazon platform for off-Amazon strategy.



– Facebook/Google/other ads targeting certain states for ranking campaigns or any type of campaigns. Either go for your lowest ranked states or your highest ranked states, don’t do nationwide targeting. Or go after states that have related keywords/ASINs with top competitors containing weak states, these are the smallest rank gaps you can try to catch up in.
– A lot more topics in this one. I can talk all day about this one since this is my expertise. More to come on these strategies. All the others above are less of my expertise and need ideas from everyone else reading this to chime in.


Please comment about this in our Zontracker FB Group if any strategies were missed or to discuss the above ideas further.